Welcome to Cone University Center!

The Cone North Elevator is Under Renovation!

This elevator serves the Candy Shoppe, Lucas, and MainStreet side of the

building. We expect it to remain closed through May 2, 2016.

However, the South Elevator on the Visitor Deck, McKnight, and

South Conference side of the building is open.  

If assistance is needed to access any areas within Cone, please call our

Main Office at 704-687-0700 during business hours,

or the Building Manager on Duty at 704-687-0711

any time Cone Center is open.


The Cone Center Plaza is OPEN!  
Cafe Seating  •  Power Outlets  •  Landscaping  •  Event Space














The Cone University Center is the community center of the University for all members of the University: students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, and guests. It is not just a building; it is also an organization and a program. The Center provides services, conveniences, and amenities that the members of the University family need in their daily lives on campus. It also provides a place for getting to know and understand one another through informal association outside the classroom.